How to Polish Marble?
Unfortunately, there are many marble users who do not know the marble polishing process. Depending on the structure of the marble, matting can be observed. It can be related only to its own natural structure without being dependent on external factors. Since not everyone has a machine at home, we will try to help you with your own means, such as marble polishing at home, stair marble explosion, marble countertop polishing at home.

Powder carbonate, which is the most practical method of marble polishing and the most suitable method of marble polishing at home, is added to a bucket of water and waited for it to melt, and this solution is poured into the area where the marble will be applied. With the help of a clean cloth, the area is applied and left to dry for 1-2 hours. Then it is rinsed with a clean cloth and a solution prepared with water. The last step, the third stage, is cleaned with a clean piece of cotton. You can apply this method in cases where the cleaners available in the market are insufficient for polishing. If all these processes are insufficient at some point and do not allow us to take the first state of the marble, we can contact the professional companies that do this work.

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