What type of rock is marble?

We call the name of marble in the literature as transformed rocks or metamorphic rocks or sedimentary rocks being compressed by pressure and heat to obtain a new substance. Mainly marble; We can give examples of metamorphic/transformed rocks. Geological processes present us methoformic rocks as a result of many years. The natural raw materials formed by the pressure and heat of the earth’s crust are formed by deep changes. Marbles, which are a type of methoformic rock, contain high amounts of calcium carbonate.

Where is marble mined in Turkey?

In our country, marble is mined in many provinces. Its area and regions are different. The first city that comes to mind when it comes to marble is Afyon, and marble is produced in the provinces of Kütahya, Kırşehir, İzmir and Tokat. Marble is also mined in the Marmara island region. Apart from these basic areas we have mentioned, it is known that there are marble quarries in Yozgat, Gebze, Niğde, Koçhisar and Bilecik provinces. Statistically, marble quarries have an area of ​​one third. The variety and quality ratio of marble is quite high. Thanks to our marble reserves, foreign and domestic trade is shaped. We are a developing country in the field of export and import. Turkey ranks first in terms of marble reserves, which are of great importance in the world. Marbles are formed as a result of high pressure. It has a long-term process. As a result of these processes that require manual and machine power, marble, which is a natural stone, is in an important category. It is now extracted by mechanical method and diamond wire cutting methods.

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