Bringing Marble To Life


ACARSTONE company opened for export in 2006 and includes Black marble, White marble, Beige marble, Gray marble, Red marble, Emperador marble among the most preferred colors in natural stones. Moreover, it is Blue marble and Green marble, which are rare in our country. Calacatta, which is a problem in the supply in Turkey, is supplied by Cararra. The most preferred Honey Onyx is the export leader in its segment. In addition, as Travertine production, it produces Dark silver, Noce, Silver, Scabas, Grey, Gold, White, Light travertine.


ACARSTONE, one of the leading mining suppliers and manufacturers companies in Turkish, carefully processes the Marble, Travertine, Onyx, Basalt, Andesite, Limestone, extracted from the quarries, and turns them into slabs and slabs with the latest system machines and adds them to its natural stone collection. Moreover, Tiles, floor tiles, Stair, Windowsill, Mosaic, Artistic mosaic, Blasting, Aging, Pool stone, Skirting board form in desired sizes and serve.



Among the wide product range of ACARSTONE, there are Marble table and Marble coffee table products, which are mostly sold to the domestic and foreign markets. It also sells Marble sculpture, Marble accessories, Decorative products, Marble ornaments with its handicraft masters. In addition, there is a Marble sink, Marble shower tray, Marble basin and Marble bathtub. Moreover, it provides services by bringing tiles, flooring, stair step, Sill, Mosaic, Artistic mosaic, Blasting, Antiquation, Pool stone, Plinth, in desired sizes.