Marble, which has existed for 2300 years and is extracted from the marble quarries in Afyon, is a natural raw material that carries its existence from the past to the present for centuries.

Thanks to the quarries we have, we show you the most beautiful examples of marble. Marble is the type that has an artistic understanding preferred in the architectural field with aesthetic concerns. It is an immortal masterpiece preferred in both recent Anatolian and distant Ottoman architecture.


When we investigate the time of its first use, we see that it came from Anatolian lands. We know that marble was used in Roman times. It is seen that the peak times were in the Hellenic times. Archaeologists say that many treasures are marble-based during their research. It is seen that motifs were made on marble by handwork in ancient tombs. It seems to date back to very ancient times.

Iscehisar Marble

Iscehisar marble is exported not only to Anatolia but also to North Africa and the cities of Italy.

İscehisar, which is the district of Afyon, is the region where there are rich and abundant marble quarries. It is the richest marble deposits that have been preserved until today. It is the most known and densest raw material of the processed marble region, which is constantly exported.

Currently, marble quarries are being processed 1 km away from the district and are formed in two different centers.

Where can I use marble

We have carried our company to these days by taking strength from the strong marble diversity of our Anatolia. You can contact us with your ideas and thoughts, with our team members who are experts in their fields, with the wide-scale marble varieties of our Afyon, to your homes, workplaces, or our phone number that you can reach us at any time.

Marble is a unique stone that adds elegance to the environment it enters and carries elegance with it. Its usage area is so large that we do not know which one to talk about. You can use it as a stylish living room table, you can use it as a marble counter. You can have a nice shower experience. You can enrich the decoration of your home with marble accessories. You can use it as marble statues or trinkets in your workplaces. As we said, the usage area is quite wide.

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