In the semi-precious stone class, the plan is located in regions with cold waters, which are the opposite of travertine in terms of this marble type. It is formed as a result of precipitation of calcium carbonate. It has a transparent and crystallized structure and appearance. For this reason, it is much different and much more valuable than other stones.

Onyx is a type of agate. It contains a kind of agate stone-like content consisting of a lot of silicon minerals. These semi-values are classified as stones, and the stone is actually called onyx marble.

As we mentioned above, it is a natural stone with a very different structure and appearance from other marble types. Therefore, it is more difficult to process, break and shape. There are colors available; these are red, green, yellow and white.

Shaping is do in different stages:

  • Lump hummer
  • Hoer
  • Murc
  • Arda
  • Miter
  • Compass
  • Piercing needle
  • Stylet
  • Rasp

It is handled by tools like file.

For the area to be used directly for scaling, a one-to-one measurement is taken and the cut is applied. Since it is a valuable marble, it is not wanted to be wasted. Cuts made with diamond-tipped saws are cut with water to prevent the heat generated.

In order for you, our readers, to understand the stone shaping process that goes through different stages, we can present the sequence as follows;

The shaping process is do on the lathe.
Water sandpaper and carbon stone are used for polishing.
The obtained gemstone is taken to the polishing department and polished and oxalic acid is used.
Alabaster is called blue, gold, yellow, white, muticlor, honey, green, coffee, tiger.

Agate Onyx Stone Usage Areas

Decorative Accessories can be used for ornamental purposes, at home, in the front of the tables, in the front of the bar counter or in the front of the bar, in the surrounding coating to attract more attention to the areas that provide lighting. It is also frequently seen in luxury hotel lobbies.
The use of marble, known for its eye-catching indoors and outdoors, is very popular and adds beauty to your space.

If you want to carry onix marble to your homes with its colorful and unique structure, you can contact us.