As it is known, marble is a raw material that has been in our lives for many years.

Marble tables, which make the area more beautiful with their elegance and grace, are of course not without their disadvantages as well as their beauty.

The first city that comes to mind when it comes to marble is Afyonkarahisar. These marbles, which impress with their colors and textures, are the preferred and known marbles. These structures, which are stones made of calcite crystals, are also in demand by architects.

Afyon Sugar Marble is one of Turkey’s first marble quarries.

Since it is a finished marble, there is no need for epoxy and mesh works. It is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

Afyon marble has different nuances with its commitment to 2500 years of tradition. For this reason, opium marble is used excessively in projects.

These are our marbles, which are known as Cream Marble and Kaymak Marble.

Usage area

Marble is a popular stone used in many fields. This marble, which is frequently encountered both indoors and outdoors, is encountered in art as well as in architecture. With its color, texture and patterns, it both inspired art and brought a new breath to architecture.

With its unique features, it appears in mosaics, ornaments, kitchen tools and equipment.

Businessmen, who are famous for their flashy and elegant way, love to use it in their workplaces and in their lobbies.

Although it sounds classic, marbles, which are also used as nameplates, are also used in various accessory areas. Since the purity and delicacy of white suits every area and environment, we encounter marble in many areas.

You can carry our marbles, which you can use in every field of our company, which we have carefully and meticulously reserved for you, to your homes. You can contact our contact numbers.

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