Marble Slabs Tiles m2 Square Meter Price

Marble has a very important place in our country. Non-uniform marble varieties are divided into many branches in terms of model and color. As Acarstone, we classify marble names in our company. We can name the manufacturers according to their models, colors or the many patterns in them. Firms that own each factory can name the characterization of their region. Whether the marble is cheap or expensive, the desired size is 1 cm according to the slabs, plate, color, metal, polish, polish, stone and quarry of that marble.1.2 cm. 1.5 cm. 2 cm. or 3 cm. 4 cm. 5 cm. It also depends on the sizing. Since marble prices vary according to slab, block and slab, they vary according to its texture, that is, its pattern. The areas where it is used are generally used in wall covering, floor, floor tile flooring, kitchen countertops and many areas. Marble stone tiles tile flooring inch dimensions 47x47, 47x24, 36x36, 24x24, 20x20, 16x24, 12x24, 18x18, 16x16, 6x12, 10x10, 8x8, 6x6, 4x8, 4x4, 3x6, 2x2, Most searched frequently asked questions, french pattern marble, made to measure, effect wall tile outdoor, slabs, cheap tumbled, kitchen floor, bullnose, bathroom floor, large kitchen tile, vinyl flooring, countertops, sealed, paving stones, terrace slabs, natural stone, pool surround, interior outdoor, window sill, navona, exterior marble, swimming pool cladding, leroy merlin, stone carpet, stucco, jurassic, marmorplatte kaufen, marble pebbles,

Marble Types Models and Colors

Each type we have in our own structure is named according to its color and pattern. These are in order of color; Black, White, Grey, Green, Beige, Red, Light Blue, Brown, Pink Varieties and Models: Carrara, Emperador, Dark emrepador, Calacatta, Elazig cherry rot, Belenco, Bianco Carrara, White White calcite, Azur grey calcite, Afyon, Bursa, Kemalpaşa White, Wallpaper, Lilac, Anthracite, Bruno Perla, Muğla white, Toros black, Tundra grey Verde Guatemala, Afyon Sugar, Marmara, Vanilla Ice, Alanya black, Alexandrette Black marble, Cappuccino, crema diva, Diana Royal, Energy beige, Gohara Mersin beige ,Luna Extra beige, Maron Merinace,Marmara Panda white,Marmara Equator , Olive Dark, Olympos Grey, Pars Black, Perfetto Brown Leather, Queen White, Regal Beige, Rosso black, Savanna grey, Silifke emperador, Spider Emperador, Silver, Turkish gohara are named according to the region and color. Our Service Areas countries in the country America, China, India, Indonesia, Russia, Mexico, Japan, Egypt, Germany, England, Italy, Africa, Spain, Argentina, Azerbaijan, Ireland, Netherlands, Belgium, Arabia, Qatar, Austria, Israel, Switzerland, Hong Kong, Singapore, Libya, Kuwait, Cyprus, Canada, Turkey, Turkish,