Marble Shower Tray

Marble shower trays are one of the important building blocks of elegance in your bathroom. We are here with detailed color and model options for bathroom shower trays, parent bathrooms and common use, which can be produced in different sizes and shapes.

Marble Shower Tray, Shower Cabin Models Prices

Marble Shower Tray Prices vary according to their colors and dimensions. Please ask us for a quote for detailed information. Marble Shower Cabin Models, Beige Concealed Shower Tray, Pentagon Marble Shower Tray, White Marble Shower Tray, Travertine Shower Tray, Triangle Marble Shower Tray, Round Marble Shower Tray Cities where Shower Tray Production is Intense Afyon, Bursa, İzmir, İstanbul, 80×80 or 90×90 sizes are preferred in general terms.