Artistic Mosaic Stone

Artistic Marble Mosaic Stone

You can find artistic marble mosaic, stones down to the finest detail and read with detailed descriptions. There are thousands of varieties, all of which are produced and processed by us. It is called artistic because it has more visual feast than other stones. Personalized works are done. All of the models are handmade and special designs. Their motifs are unique and unique. If you want to look at our motifs that we export to foreign countries, they are available on our website. You can call us for the model and color you like. Usage areas Artistic marble mosaic stones impress with their magnificent shapes and colors in your bathroom, on the back wall of your TV unit, in the lobbies of your offices. They add depth and refinement to your space. How to use? These completely natural stones are attached to the wall with silicone materials and fixed on the plastered or painted surface with the help of a hammer. Black ceramic adhesive is used for dark colors and white tile adhesive is used for light colors. You can also make a more colorful flooring with yellow and rustic tones. The stones removed in the form of a mesh can be easily mounted on the wall by applying glue. After the bonding process, they can be cleaned with a broom and a clean dry cloth. The part that makes it look brighter is do after everything is finished. Thank you for choosing us. We will be honored to serve you. If you want to get detailed information, you can contact us via our contact numbers.