How many Marble Factory Quarries and Workshops are there in Turkey?

Turkey’s marble reserve is estimated to be 5 billion cubic meters and 13 billion tons. It is estimated that 40% of the world’s natural stone reserves are in Turkey. Only 1% of these data are used until now. With the increase in the dollar exchange rate, it is among the sectors that attract attention recently, since a large part of the reserve is in Turkey. Turkey ranks first in the world in natural stone production. According to the new data, in 2022, a slightly smaller enterprise SME style workshop, lathe, etc. . There are 9000 licensed taxable businesses. There are 2200 factories in medium and large scale. There are 1815 quarries with marble operation license. In Turkey, there are more than 145 different patterns and models of marble with more than 85 different structures. It is generally 1st class quality in the market on a global scale. The interest in natural stones is increasing with each passing year. At this rate, it seems that marble exports in Turkey will increase even more.

Where Does the Best Quality Marble Come From in Turkey?

Yes, among the most asked questions, where does the highest quality marble come from? Of course, although it is a bit difficult to give a clear answer, we can say our main cities. Mainly the provinces where precious stones are mined in Turkey are as follows: Afyonkarahisar, Kütahya, Marmara Island, Bilecik, İzmir, Tokat, Denizli, Niğde, these regions are shown as the basis.


Marble is the story of the stone that extends from the first ages to the present day. It dates back to the 7th century. We can come across alot of historical artifacts made of marble.
As we mentioned, marble is a natural product that comes from a long time ago. First BC, it was discovered in the 3rd century DA in the Aegean Sea. This marble, which came out of the islands, gained value and became famous over time.
Marmara Island and Afyon-Iscehisar are important centers in the production of marble, which were exported to Mediterranean countries during the Roman, Byzantine, Ottoman periods.
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