In marble tumbled stones are cut from the blocks and then thrown into the cauldron together with the pebbles in the final process. And it suits travertine the most. As the name suggests, it is thrown into cauldrons filled with sea stones and rotated within the cauldron within a specified time. Marble or travertine ages and acquires an antique look. Of course, this obsolescence has different stages of construction. It depends on the size of the pebbles. There is also a wiring system. The cable has separate stages in terms of thickness and thinness. The purpose of the wire wire is that the surface of some stones is very smooth, so the polish does not hold, even if it does, it will be short-lived.

What is Marble removal polish? How is it do? What does it do?

Marble polishing processes are usually do in marble factories and applied directly to the floor. Moreover, it is not possible to be installed on the wall. It has to come in a polished form when coming from the factory. As we said, when there are high quality marble types on the floor floors, which are usually factory, polished, and polished, it is do on the floor after the floor process is do, depending on the wishes of the people. Some customers pay attention to these situations, as well as in private villas, such operations can be performed in private villas. Apart from this, marbles that were previously polished and furnished, for example: Shopping malls, hotels, terminals. In societies located in crowded environments such as government offices, polished marbles are eroded over time by the friction of people’s footprints. After a certain period of time, polishing should be do again.

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