Marble is used in many areas from the past to the future. The most striking of these are our bathrooms. Have you ever wondered why baths are made of marble? We explained it to you as an expert on the job, let’s take a look at our article below.

It is a carbonate product that is born from marble ashes and recrystallizes. It is a metamorphic rock. It is an indication of wealth, as marble was used in the baths in the palaces and in the baths in the Ottoman times. Glory and fame are also conducive to pomp. Although this perception is still preserved at the moment, it is a substance that is easily accessible to people from all walks of life today.

The bathroom is our cleaning and privacy space where we are freed from our thoughts.
Why wouldn’t we want to make such a special area even more special? In addition to our comfort, we can use marble in our bathrooms in order to pamper ourselves a little and get a stylish look. We can see examples of this in Turkish traditions and customs in Turkish baths. The hardness and durability of marble is world-renowned and made its name known. It draws attention to its use both indoors and outdoors. It becomes the center of attention with its texture.

Tips for Using Marble in the Bathroom

Even though marble is known for its hard layer, it can be eroded, deformed and turn yellow as a result of misuse. Every stone has a soul. As long as you provide the right care, it can take on a shape that suits your function.

Sculptures and accessories in marble have survived to the present day for centuries. The reason for this is the correct maintenance and correct storage method. When using marble, we recommend using it in a way that will not harm your soul. As with any type of stone, be sure to clean the area with simple non-acidic cleaners for marble.

With its smooth structure, it can be shaped and processed very quickly. Lots of diversification can be do. Marble can be produced in any type and model you want in every area you will use.


As we mentioned in our article above, you can choose marble for indoor and outdoor spaces, whether for a modern look or as it was used in those glorious times of the Ottoman Empire. You are the architect of this project. It’s up to you to make a shower sill, a bathroom counter or a Turkish bath. You can travel back in time and enjoy a wonderful bath.

Marble bathroom can always be do, but it can take a long time to have a marble bathroom with quality and workmanship. Contact us and we will reveal your dream.

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