We, the leading company in our country, have been in this business, this sector for many years. Thanks to our marble factory and quarries, our level of accessibility to you has increased day by day. Thanks to our quality marbles and our expert team, we wanted to offer you the best service.

Used in many architectures, travertines are known for their clean finish and multiple colors.

It is used on the interior and exterior of buildings with its durable and stylish stance. Travertines will add a different atmosphere to your buildings and will give you a clue that you are a stylish business, a decorator. Besides being a visual feast, you can also use it for insulation as it preserves the heat quality very well.
The varieties of Denizli travertines are divided into American and Turkish cuts. The marbles found in Denizli are special and, like every marble, they have their own characteristics.

Where can I use Denizli travertines?

You can use it in cold areas as travertine absorbs and preserves heat. Even on slippery ground, it does not slip due to its structure and you can move safely. Therefore, you can safely use it by the poolside.
It is suitable for use as an accessory in the decoration of your home, as an exterior and interior cladding.
We see that it also appears in areas such as steps, flooring, coating, floor covering, wall covering. Since travertine has tones, you can use it in a color suitable for your space and with its density.

When mixed with blast stones, that is, when combinations are made, it will gain depth and will make your space much more beautiful than you think.

Denizli travertine quarries

The marbles extracted in Denizli are brought to our company and processed and then scaled and made ready for use for our valued customers.

Denizli travertine Slabs and Plates

Classic colored marbles are brought to our factory and cut into slabs with or without filling or honed according to the requirement.

Construction Component of Denizli Travertines

As it is known, travertines are located near hot springs such as hot springs. The sediments remaining at the bottom with the precipitation of waters are travertines. White travertine, which is the first color that comes to mind when travertine is mentioned, is also found in beige, brown and gray travertine. Like all other travertines, it has a porous structure. Denizli Travertines, on the other hand, are rich in minerals and under hydrostatic pressure, hot waters rise to the surface along the cracks and go out into a cave-like space and lose that pressure. As a result, Denizli Travertines are formed.

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