Travertine, which has a wide range of colors, is a material that creates questions both with its quick-breaking aspect and its durability in the opposite direction. Let us briefly explain it to you as follows; Due to the density difference, travertine is divided into two as heavy and light. You cannot easily break a very dense travertine and you can use it in almost every area. On the other hand, when you take the less dense travertine, you can crumble it with a small power movement and you can use this type of travertine in more accessory areas. You can reveal every travertine you polish with peace of mind without worrying about breaking it.

The name of cleaning is Travertine and use home

Travertine is one of the most beautiful stones associated with cleanliness. It is a type of stone that you can easily use wherever you want with its colors, texture, pattern and density. As long as you know its unique features, we have no doubt that you will want to use it in almost every field.

Travertine formation depends on the water source. This stone, which is formed near the hot springs, is formed by the precipitation of sediments by the withdrawal of water. It has a perforated structure and has two different density options. Color variants such as pure white, beige and brown are available. Travertine, which is the most popular after marble, was used on the interior and exterior of the building. Pamukkale travertines come to mind first when it comes to Denizli travertines. We know that it is the largest travertine structure in the open area and it is just one of the must-see places.

Where can I use Travertine?

You have chosen the density of your travertine and you can use your low-density and polished travertine in your living room, bathroom. Another option, you can use your very dense material as an exterior wall. You can use it as a subfloor of your home or workplace. It is also very suitable for use in sinks. If you live in a climate where seasonal transitions are normal, if the temperature and cold values do not change suddenly, travertine is an incomplete raw material.

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