Marble is the bridge between the past and the future. It is one of the only reasons why we do not break with our history. Marble remains are the first to stand out in historical findings. Even in the works dating back to BC, stonework shows us how valuable it is.

When compared with different sector areas, it has high values when we take the floor value ratio and cost calculations in the marble sector as a basis. That’s why one hundred percent of Turkey’s income from marble stays in Turkey.

Global marble export and Turkish export

When we look at the stone production index on a country basis, we see that there has been an increase in recent years. But when we look at the block marble sales in Turkey in the world, we see that Turkey is always in the first place. When we follow the ranking, European countries such as Spain and Italy take place. Turkey is a very rich country with its marble raw material warehouses. Turkey has almost half of the marble rate in the world.

When the marble quarries in our country are examined, we see that they are working more actively in the northwest and west, as well as in the Aegean region.

Marble Export from Turkey to Countries

Turkey, which is a country that develops and produces continuously with the industrialization period, has also shown its difference in marble exports and has achieved to protect the welfare and level of our country by selling to channels that we have perhaps never heard of. With the developing technology, we have gone even further and opened to many continents and countries both by land, sea and air. We have achieved our goal by knowing our goal to announce our name in the global arena.

There are many raw material sources in our country. But since the story of marble goes back a long time, it is more in our area of interest. The processed marbles are exported to countries such as China, Saudi Arabia, and the USA, respectively.

Our marble export, which was 5 billion dollars compared to the previous 2021, has increased many times when we look at this day. And we are sure that it will increase even more over the years.

Setbacks in the Marble Industry

One of the biggest problems is that there is very little human resource with the qualifications grown in this field compared to marble export. Due to those who see this area as simple, the limited field of marble training and the damage to our raw materials are just one of the bleeding wounds in this sector. Due to the lack of human resources in companies, although manual labor is required, dozens of machines are ordered in this field and they are forced to entrust them to people who have not received training.

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