Since there are so many types of marbles in Turkey, marbles are used a lot, although it is not generally preferred in our country, the use of marble in exterior cladding areas has recently started to become widespread. Marble varieties have started to show a lot of use in luxury villas. The reason for this is that when it is coated with marble, it adds value to its value, but you can appreciate that due to the changing exchange rates, the marble exports are high in our country, so the manufacturers avoid giving it to the domestic market. For this reason, it is difficult to find quality marble in the domestic market. Even if it is found, its prices are high, so it is justified in raising the value of the building. The use of exterior marble is recommended because people in the regions where it is located are affected by very hot or very cold. If you ask why, it won’t let the heat in. It acts as a stabilizer, as it does not let it in when it is very cold. Especially in African countries, it is very popular in countries such as the Arab Emirates and Qatar. The most sought after are marbles such as travertine beige. The reason is because it has a color close to the color of sand, because the color of marbles fades when exposed to sunlight from time to time. But such models are not affected as much as travertine beige.

Marble is a known material that has been used since the first and middle ages. In our modern age, it stands out in the field of architecture. We see that sculpture artistry is also used in garden landscapes.
It is formed by the precipitation of marble sedimentary stones formed by metamorphic rock processes. Thanks to the minerals in its content, it undergoes metamorphosis and creates the color of marble. Therefore, the tone and contrast depend on the minerals in it.

Which marble is suitable for the facade?

You can see marble everywhere as an exterior and interior wall material. It usually draws attention on the facades of buildings such as mansions and inns in the Southeastern Anatolia region. You can use it in the forms you want according to the type of surface finish. It provides a smooth surface for your use with low holes and low honed shapes.

Pros of Using Marble for Exterior

Marble is a great light conductor. It reflects the light to the opposite side and does not damage the outer material. Since marble is an expensive stone, it increases the price of the place you use it. In a possible case, you can add even more value by having it restored.

You can make it pleasing to the eye by keeping the color range wide with different mineral contents. You will double the sense of aesthetics and pleasure.
Marble, which is a structure that gets better with time, will stand as if it were new, with all its glory.


Air-Conditioned facade
In this type of facade, a metal plate is attached to the main building and a stone is attached to it. As a result, the building and the facade are separated. We provide isolation, and thus we ensure an increase in cost.
Adhesive facade
In this option, we stick a marble plate with a thickness of 1.3 cm. In this way, we create a lighter structure. The adhesive model is more affordable than the air-conditioned model.

You can choose the air-conditoned model in order to provide thermal isolation and thermal insulation in your interiors. You can also use marble in open areas, such as gardens and veranda.

By using marble on the interior and exterior of your spaces, you can make a difference and show your style by showing courage. On behalf of our company, we will be happy to assist you in this matter. You can call us and contact us via our website.
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