Marble on the wall? We seem to hear your questions. It is an application that is as beautiful as you will be surprised. In the past, marble living rooms, living rooms were not thought of, but now the times have changed and we have to keep up with the times. In our developing and changing world, we often see marble in interior wall coverings. Let’s talk about what we should pay attention to.

As we mentioned above, we used to think of marble not as interior design but rather as exterior design or imagined it on small accessories. It would not be wrong to say that nowadays there is the use of marble from head to toe. Our marbles, which can be used both as floor tiles and as wall tiles, can even be considered as a good insulation material rather than an elegant look.

Marble, which changes the cold and gloomy atmosphere of your home, is more suitable to be used in living rooms and living rooms. Imagine that you are in a warmer environment and a more lovable place thanks to your marble coating while sitting in front of the fireplace on cold winter days, and I think you should consider using marble without waiting.

Not every marble is suitable for every wall. The main thing is to choose the right color and structure marble on the right wall. It is necessary to learn and ask whether it is suitable for your design or not.


Let’s imagine that you use marble in your living room.Considering that we have installed a vertical marble without disturbing the mood of your living room, which you have decorated in Bohemian style, and that the air circulation continues with the space we have left between the ceiling and the marble floor, we are also not decaying the ethnic mood.


It is up to you to make marble, which has a variety of forms, to make it more traditional. By choosing three-dimensional tiles, you can add depth and get a luxurious look. You can make the space look more comfortable by loving veined patterns.

The color harmony of the wall and the marble is especially important. The dark color of the marble and the mixed pattern of it does not lead to anything other than eye strain. You should choose more fresh colors and models to get a nice finish and clean look. You can review our color chart for this.

The main points to consider are: You are the architect and the guide. You can keep up with the rustic atmosphere that occurs when you organize a romantic dinner in your living room with your spouse, or you can draw attention to your seriousness at a dinner meeting you give at your workplace. Your choices reflect you.

If you say that there is marble among my choices, you can contact us through our website or our contact numbers.

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