Marble is the story of stone dating back to ancient times. In Turkey, that is, in our Anatolia, it dates back to the 7th century BC. We can come across a lot of historical artifacts made of marble.

Marble, which is a metamorphic transformation product, consists of intertwined carbonate crystals.
History of Turkish Marble

As we mentioned, marble is a natural product that comes from a long time ago. It was discovered in the Aegean Sea in the 3rd century BC. This marble from the islands gained value and became famous over time.

Marble in Our Geography

When we look at our beautiful geography, which is the cradle of many dye, silk roads and spice roads, marble has a special place. The golden age of marble, which is used in many areas such as temples, mosques, houses, monuments, sculptures, was experienced in the 7th century AD. It is a widely used stone with its unique texture and structure.

When we look at the works under UNESCO protection or when we look at the seven wonders, we see that many artifacts are made of marble. Marble is a precious stone that is also encountered in ancient Greek and Roman times. We see that it is used in areas such as palaces, baths, mosques, marble water fountains in our land.

When we consider the countries, during the archaeological excavations in the Hittite period, marble remains and raw materials were found on many tools and materials used in almost all of the sculptures and ornaments.

Name of Marble in the World

Marble is found not only in Turkey but also in many countries. Italy is one of them. Mining in Italy dates back to 115 BC. Different cathedrals, temples were built with marble. Although it is different from ours in terms of embroidery, it is flawless as can be seen from the richly made workmanship. Where the marble enters, the magnificence is always in the foreground.

Today, the processing, texture and patterns of marble are do more professionally, more carefully and more carefully. In 2009, nearly 107 million marbles were produced and mined in all countries. Marble undertakes the majority of the export area.

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