What does the sculptor do?

Sculptors are craftsmen who work with building materials such as stone, iron, bronze, polyester, bring a new breath to stone, and articulate the stone.

Sculptors who make stone sculptures, create monuments, and produce various ornaments are people with fine spirits. They care about aesthetics. There are more or less ideas and statements in every field of art. Life is an art for them, and they are the artists who reveal that art. They meticulously research the materials they will use, scrutinize them closely. They are also meticulous in choosing the appropriate tools according to the material they will use.

How To Make Marble Sculptures?

Sculptors can set up their own ateliers and perform their art here as well as they work in a work-shop environment. After choosing the tools suitable for their working order and materials, they work by chipping the stone with hammers. They create beautiful works by making use of other materials such as clay and wax. There are also types such as bust, relief and torso.

Sculptor Techniques

  • Reduction (chipping)
  • Manipulation(modeling/shaping)
  • Consolidation (totality)
  • Substitution (texture)
  • Finishing

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