What is Onyx Marble?

Onyx, also known as veined agate, is a semi-precious stone species. Onyx means ring in Assyrian language. Onyx has a different color in different layers. Its layers can vary constantly in different colors, it contains many colors such as red, black, blue, green. In general, they think that calcites are onyx, but they are not. Calcites are softer and have more than onyx. Onyx in Turkish is the common usage name of a different type of agate, which is the family of chalcedony stones used in the jewelry industry. It is a kind of agate stone generally composed of silicon minerals. Because it is very similar to marbles from this natural stone group, it is colloquially called onyx marble.

How is Onix Marble Formed?

The formation of onyx marbles from different marbles occurs when the spring waters are cold and they emerge as rocks formed by the precipitation of carbonate and calcium. Compared to the formation of different marbles, onyx marbles contain more salt, and the precipitation process occurs very slowly. For this reason, onyx formed is crystalline dense and translucent. They are classified differently from other marbles because they are translucent. Since it is semi-transparent, it has the property of transmitting light. Recently, architects have started to use it a lot.

Where is Onyx Marble Used?

Onyx marble Properties.
Onyx marble, which is rare with its translucent structure and multicolored structure, is used for design in carefully selected buildings. They are generally preferred in crowded entrance areas due to their unique aesthetic structure. For example, since the entrances of the hotel lobbies are crowded and there are places that attract more attention, it gives a beautiful aesthetic appearance with the lighting from the bottom. Apart from this, it is used in the product counters of luxury stores. It is also used in luxury villas, and it has been seen from time to time when used in historical religious buildings. Ancient Romans and Ancient Egyptians They have been used in temples and palaces in ancient times. It has been used in mosques of some Islamic countries.

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