The slab production adventure of travertine, which is a natural stone; We, the leading company in our country, have been in this business and this sector for many years. Thanks to our marble factory and quarries, our level of accessibility to you has increased day by day. Thanks to our quality marbles and our expert team, we wanted to offer you the best service.

As our factory, we have been involved in many fields such as travertine, marble, onyx and related slabs, flooring, coating. We carry out many operations from polished mosaic, split mosaic, step construction, to docks. According to the project you have designed, expert teams come and you can carry out all kinds of projects. We’re holding your hand.


Well, we have explained our activities so much, what is this plate production? This sector, this business is all labor, come and you will agree with us.

Think about the workers and laboring people working in the mines, how many meters deep do they go down to the ground and extract minerals, right? This situation is similar to the marble quarries, but remember the marbles of millions of weights, yes, machines are used for their extraction, but transferring them to scales, placing them in a flat position, etc. these are formed by human power. With the slightest wrong move, irreversible roads are entered. In advanced factory systems, marble block cutting process is applied at intervals of about 10 to 20 hours. When technology was not that advanced, cutting a block used to take about 2-3 months. Today, marble blocks are easily cut within hours. Plates are mostly cut in 2cm and 3cm thickness.
Natural marble slabs can be scaled according to the demands after cutting. The dimensions are your own and you can integrate it into your design. You should choose the correct dimensions and reduce the cost accordingly.

The standard scaling is as follows: 2x30x60. Recently, we can make a scaling with 60x60cm, 60x120cm and its multiples. As a company, we produce and manufacture white Afyon marble, Denizli travertine Silver travertine, grey marble, black marble and scabas travertine.

Since marble is a precious raw material, we try to use each piece of it with care. We send it to be used in our mosaic factory for the broken stones.

Our marble factory in Afyon is a multifunctional and versatile factory. Together with our expert staff, we are one of the leading companies in designs and projects. Call us to join our family.

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